Online Dating Rules – From an OKcupid Lady

September 29th, 2010

I saw this list of rules from a member on OKcupid that I thought were actually pretty spot on:

The DO’s and DON’T of online dating, if you are looking for a quality female:

-DO send an email that engages and opens a conversation. This can include your thoughts about things in common or that stood out in my profile to you. If you want an awesome woman, be awesome!

-DON’T ask me out on the first email or send an email that says “hi” or “how’s it going?” or “you are pretty” and that’s it. zzZzZzz.

-DON’T send me an email regurgitating your profile to me. I’m clicking on your profile, trust me.

-DO ask me for my number if after a few email exchanges if I am responding, engaged and seem interested. A few = about 2 exchanges. Less than that, no chemistry built yet. More than that, congrats! We are now on the way to being pen pals. :)

-DO give me a call and see how our chemistry goes. If all goes well, let’s set a date for a few days ahead of time.

-DON’T ask me how my online dating has been going. Think about it, there’s really nothing I could say that would lead to truly interesting conversation and we will officially be doing “girl talk”…not hot. :)

-DO call when you say you are going to call. I am looking for a man of his word because my word is gold.

-DON’T ask me out for the same day. That screams “hook-up” which might not be your intention and I will run like the wind! Once you’ve put the nail in that coffin with me, it will be almost impossible to get it out. I’ll be spontaneous AFTER I get to know you.

-DON’T ask me to come to your house (really, that’s what you call a date?)

-DO use the phone! Yes, the phone! Voice on voice action, baby! Smart men know women connect between their ears, not on an LED screen. Phone = main course. Email/text = snacks. Guys who only email and text = phantoms.

-***NEW*** (and you would not believe how often this happens!)…DON’T bring up Star Wars on the first date. (I’m really having fun now….haha)

-DO suggest a meeting that’s fun and has some thought put into it (note: I said “thought” and not “money”) because that’s what I would do for you. By the way, first date coffee and/or drinks at your favorite local dive bar = an interview.

*My* man has class….

Dinner is always great, or if you want to make sure I am not 200 lbs in person before you spend money on dinner, a walk in the park, a salsa lesson, a motorcycle ride, a run/hike, or any activity like that you would like a female opinion for is great. Maybe you need to pick out a shirt for an event? shoes? Or some help picking out a gift for your ______? or anything else that your creative mind in that gorgeous head of yours can think of….I’m there! :)

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  1. huck Says:

    nice one

  2. Jedi Says:

    Great rules! Thanks for your guidance. I’m really enjoying your articles.

  3. dating Says:

    LOL, I have to say the on the web dating or electronic dating has come a very long way since the days of easy chat rooms. Far more and a lot more individuals are turning to online dating internet sites to screen possible dates.

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